On 28th of April, two energy-partner companies SOCAR and E.ON held the second “Coordination Committee” in Duesseldorf, dedicated to discuss current and future prospects in joint projects.

The Executive Director of E.ON, Christopher Delbrueck during the session has mentioned about existing partnership between two energy companies, and talked in details regarding the change of inner structure of E.ON. Christopher Delbrueck has explained that from now ahead E.ON has been divided into two parts in order to implement the projects in the way that is more efficient.

Next, The Vice-President for investments and marketing of SOCAR Elshand Nasriov has recalled about the significant role of the Southern Gas Corridor in energy security of Europe. Furthermore, Elshad Nasirov has mentioned about the role of potential global projects TANAP and TAP, and casted light on feasible diversification of gas supply to Europe.

Later, the ambassador of Republic Azerbaijan, Parviz Shakhbazov has spoken concerning the prosperous relationship and partnership in terms of political, economic and cultural scopes between Azerbaijan and Germany. He also has underlined about high future perspectives in joint projects between the partner-states.

Later, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of “Azerkimya” production association Mukhtar Babayev, has informed the participants of the session about the large-scale modernization of the enterprise’s activity. In turn, he has highlighted Sumgait Chemical Park, Oil & Gas Petrochemical Complex (OGPC) along with modernization of the Heydar Aliyev Oil Refinery plant as the projects implemented in modern technological manner and fulfilling all modern requirements of production.

Next, the Vice President Supply & Origination Caspian / South, Dr Michael Hilmer has shed light on developing energy efficiency projects in Azerbaijan. He has emphasized about identification of possible energy efficiency projects, development and implementation of these projects, and joint operation of the projects. In turn, Dr Hilmer has done a brief overview on cooperation areas between SOCAR and E.ON.

Later on, during the meeting the technical cooperation “project” with “Azerigaz” 2015 has been discussed by representative of Cooperation and Business Development of E.ON – Turgut Bas.

The Vice-President of Human Resources, IT and regulations Khalik Mammadov has taken an opportunity and told the participants about internal and external scholarship programs and different summer trainee programs organized by SOCAR. Moreover, he has explained that low supply of qualified engineers in oil and gas field, motivated SOCAR to build up new Baku Higher Oil School in order to bring up new qualified employees. It worth emphasizing, K. Mammadov has also spoken about the successful partnership, first, in organizing the invitation for Azerbaijani pupils to take part in summer camps, second, for the training exchange program between SOCAR and E.ON.

Afterwards, the Rector of Baku Higher Oil School Elmar Gasimov has emphasized the actual and potential plans of the educational institution. He mentioned that along with Heriot-Watt University, Baku Higher Oil School focuses its study on the fields of “Petroleum Engineering” and “Chemical Engineering”. He also added that the role of RTWH Aachen University in defining future highly qualified employees is crucial.
At the end of the meeting, SOCAR and E.ON have signed the agreements for 2015 in the frame of Technical, vocational training and corporate social responsibility partnership. Furthermore, the partnership between Baku Higher Oil School and the University of Aachen RTWH has been signed either.