SOCAR, the state-owned energy company of Azerbaijan, has been permanently represented in the Federal Republic of Germany since September 2009 by its representative office in Frankfurt am Main.

Both our company and the State of Azerbaijan are interested in further expansion of economic relations between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of Azerbaijan.

In the fields of oil and gas, and increasingly in renewable energies, there are enormous opportunities for expanding cooperation and increasing mutual benefits. In addition to promoting Azerbaijan’s traditional economic sectors based on fossil fuels, we aim to expand bilateral economic relations in high-tech industries and in the field of renewable energy. Azerbaijan and the coast of the Caspian Sea offer the best climatic conditions for the development of wind power projects. Specialy interesting is the fact that the name of the capital Baku means – city of winds. With about 3500 hours of sunshine per year, Azerbaijan is predestined for the development of solar energy.

The SOCAR representative office in the Federal Republic of Germany is an important access for German companies on their way to Azerbaijan. We would like to give you information, establish contacts and support you in establishing and realizing your business relations. Azerbaijan is a safe investment country and it offers enormous opportunities for companies in all areas of the value chains who want to invest in traditional as well as in renewable energies.

SOCAR is one of the largest energy companies in Europe and performs many functions among which exploration of oil and gas fields in the Caspian Sea, production, processing and transportation of oil, gas and gas condensate play a major role. SOCAR also markets petroleum and petrochemical products both within the country and in a number of international markets. In doing so, SOCAR makes environmental protection a prerequisite for all its activities. The company’s Environmental Policy, adopted in 2008, defines guidelines, regulations and priorities for environmental activities.

SOCAR’s strategic goal is to maintain its successful market position as an international, vertically integrated oil and gas company with upstream, midstream and downstream activities . The ultimate goals of this strategy include:

● Increasing operational efficiency through vertical integration;

● Reducing major economic risks by diversifying the investment portfolio.

SOCAR is present in a number of European markets: SOCAR Energy Switzerland GmbH, SOCAR Energy Austria GmbH, SOCAR Energy Ukraine, SOCAR Petroleum SA Romania, SOCAR Georgia Petroleum. SOCAR plays a particularly important role in Turkey. With the construction of the STAR refinery, the Turkish petrochemical company Petkim and other important projects such as SOCAR Distribution Turkey and SOCAR Terminal, the company is one of the largest foreign investors in the country.

One of the largest and most important projects to diversify European energy supply is the Southern Gas Corridor (SGC), which is driven by SOCAR. Through the Southern Gas Corridor project, SOCAR will contribute to Europe’s growing gas demand with Azerbaijani gas via alternative pipelines.