SOCAR is one of the major energy companies in Europe. While primarily focused on the economic interest of the people of Azerbaijan, it is an international company and manages a number of operations abroad.

The company fulfils many functions among which exploring oil and gas fields, producing, processing, and transporting oil, gas, and gas condensate take a big part. SOCAR also markets petroleum and petrochemical products within the country as well as across a number of international markets. The company’s vision is to become a vertically integrated international energy company with advanced experience in operation efficiency, social and environmental responsibility.

SOCAR is comprised of three production units (oil & gas production, refining & petrochemicals and gas distribution grid).

SOCAR plays a distinct role in Europe’s sustainable economic development, as it is an important energy supplier to the EU. SOCAR is the biggest foreign direct investor in the Republic of Turkey, where it owns the largest chemical production facilities in the country, as well as the growing gas distribution infrastructure.

SOCAR’s other major investment in the South Caucasus is SOCAR Georgia gas distribution grid. SOCAR also operates a growing network of retail stations in Switzerland, Austria, Romania, Georgia, Ukraine, Turkey and Azerbaijan.

SOCAR’s downstream activities also include the establishment of SOCAR Trading, which has proven Successful. SOCAR Trading is currently exporting oil and gas to many countries all over the world, participating in aspiring joint projects such as the LNG-to-Power Project in Malta. Negotiations for further international investment opportunities are taking place on a regular basis.